Hello fellow beauty lovers.

It’s easily the most hyped lipstick in the high-end department: The Rouge Volupté lipstick by Yves Saint Laurant. The award winning (!) lipstick is wrapped up in one of the most gorgeous packaging I have ever seen. The elegant, golden case oozes luxury and is a true eye catcher on your vanity. It is round and surprisingly heavy, which kind of highlights the high quality of the product. A colored stripe around the lipstick conveniently tells you which color is hidden inside.

The lipstick itself is very, very creamy. It plumps up your lips with a lot of moisture and that’s the very reason why many are in love with this little gem. Although the lipsticks are very creamy, the colors are still very much intense and opaque and are an absolute dream to distribute on the lips.

At this very moment you can get 6 shades on Douglas , each for 32.99€.

Now, on to my personal opinion. I have to say that I wasn’t entirely sure about this hype. The design is undoubtedly breathtakingly beautiful. But it’s the product itself that didn’t do it for me. It might be the fact that I’m a “Matte-lip-kind-of-gal” but this texture was too creamy for me. It holds up for a maximum of 2 hours and only if I don’t eat or drink. Add in the fact that my hair always gets caught in the product and oh, don’t even start on my scarves. I can imagine a lot of people absolutely adore those lippies because they do moisturize your lips and are very opaque. The design is honestly gorgeous but if I’m being completely honest here: I think 32.99€ are too expensive for a lipstick I end up having to retouch every two hours. With this formula, the lipstick will  be gone within one month.

This time, it’s a Not!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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