Hey Beauties!

Wow, time flies an arrow! It’s already Easter, which is why I wanted to show you an appropriately festive manicure on today’s beautiful Manicure Monday. Have fun!

You will need:

1x light blue polish
1x grey polish
1x white polish
1x dotting tool or the end of a brush

Step 1
For today’s look I decided on a light blue polish. I used “Pure Blue” by Catrice, which happened to be already on my nails because it’s definitely one of my favorites right now.

Step 2
Please take your dotting tool or a brush or even a bobby pin and dip it into the grey polish. Create a small oval-shaped form on your nail. This oval is about to become a bunny’s body.

Step 3
With the same tools, create the head of said bunny.

Step 4
Then just add the signature ears. I even bended one ear to make the bunny look a little bit more authentic and cute. Then take your white polish and round the look off by finally adding the bunny’s fluffy round tail. It’s a very easy, yet festive look, don’t you think?

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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