Cubism is a form of art which has originated in the past century and later, with the start of the world wars, got removed from fashion relatively quickly.

But an artist duo comprising of Jade Tomlinson and Kev James creates a comeback for cubism in the form of tattoos. Under the name “Expanded Eyes”, dozens of cubistic artwork are created, with many of them engraved under the skin. Zeitgeisty developments have nonetheless also left their mark on cubism, such that the tattoos appear modern throughout and produce a coherent picture. Typical for cubism, the colour palette is rather limited, the structures are hard and the forms are simple and throughout abstract, precisely cubistic.

Besides tattoos, there are also illustrations, collages, installations, street art and many more in the Expanded Eye collection. To all the fans who I have been feeding, take a glance in the shop of these boys, where you can get yourselves cubistic artworks for your home wall. And to all hard-core fans, yes, there is always a choice of getting a tattoo.

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