Hello fellow beauty lovers.

While I am familiar with the “No-Makeup Look”, I have never heard of the “No Eyebrow Trend” before. Apparently it has been all the rage ever since the 1990s Grunge look has been revived for good. The hype around the missing eyebrows  is fueled by the androgynous and edgy touch this style is supposed to radiate– simply cool to look at, according to some people. The benefits also seem quite obvious: You don’t have to upkeep something that isn’t exactly there. It’s low-maintenance and that’s what lured women in aside from the fact that a serious amount of stars have been rocking this look. First Katy Perry posted an Instagram picture of her going completely browless; then Miley Cyrus decided to go all-blank for a photo shoot. Now Kim K. jumped on the bandwagon, which will most definitely bring this trend to its all-time peak. As opposed to the “Power Brow”, models like Cara Delevigne popularized, these eyebrows only take five minutes to create as well as care for. Yeah…

But did you know that this look has been around for a very long time or do you remember seeing the Mona Lisa wearing any brows at all? 😉 However, I’d personally recommend bleaching it like Kim Kardashian did as opposed to pluck it all off because this might be a style you most probably don’t want to wear for long. What do you guys think of the No-Brows Look, is it a toss or a take?

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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