The checkered trend is definitely celebrating its comeback right now. Well, admittedly the hype about this traditional pattern has never fully disappeared, it has always been around in the fashion world – somehow. But this time, the comeback has been hitting the fashion universe like a bomb. While last season we experienced, above all, symmetric and regularly designed checked patterns in classical color combinations like black and white and red and black, we can enjoy a broad range of checked designs this season.

Nevertheless, you can still probably divide the range of checked patterns into two groups. On the one hand, we have the classical design inspired by the Scottish tartan. On the other hand, unconventional, refreshing checked looks have recently taken the catwalks of this world by storm. Both the traditional and the unconventional checked pattern will enable you to dress to impress.

As a clear supporter of the classical checked pattern, the iconic label Alexander Mc Queen  presented an amazing two-piece suit in a multitude of grey shades which impresses with plain sophistication.

The label Pardon My French too relies on rather purist designs and colors which are spiced up with traditional, conventional checks.

But then we have Simone Rocha who proves her talent by presenting her innovative approach. Unconventional cuts are complemented with luscious colors and sexy tartan. Amazing.

Another supporter of the innovative checked design is Suno – this label delights us with a refreshing, playful version which does not only make jaws drop with its unconventional irregular design. Suno’s checks even impress us with a variety of precious colors! The result is clearly influenced by ethnic fashion. We were very impressed.

As you can see, checks are true allrounders, they are the chameleons in the world of patterns – you figuratively have to face the agony of choice here. But I think, this is the type of pain any fashion victim loves to endure.

Copyright: Alexander McQueenPardon my FrenchSimone RochaSuno