Hello fellow beauty lovers.

We all know just too well that celebrities are under a lot of pressure to look their best at any time. And over the years nearly all of them have found their routines to maintain or lose weight and let me tell you, some of those eating habits are quite… weird.

Mariah Carey, vocal wonder and famous for her voluptuous figure, swears by the “Purple Diet” to lose weight prior to a special event. Three days a week she then only eats purple foods like grapes, plums and eggplants. Now, whilst purple fruits and vegetables do tend to have a lot of antioxidants these types of highly restrictive diets are very difficult to maintain and do not provide the necessary nutrients for a balanced diet.

Nicholas Cage has the habit to select the meat he eats based on the mating habits of the animal. He once told the media that he only eats fish and poultry but not pork because the latter comes form an animal which does not have “dignified sex”. Well, there is not yet any evidence that the mating has any effect on the taste nor the nutritional value but we can’t argue that a freshly made, lean chicken breast is recommended by many diets..

Adriana Lima, goddess and my woman crush, has proved multiple times that she has the needed willpower to get in perfect shape for every show. Once a year, prior to the infamous Victoria’s Secret show, she follows a strict and hard program to get to the desired body. For nine days she works out twice a day, avoids solid foods and only lives on protein shakes, vitamins and supplements. 12 hours before the show Lima cuts out any liquids form her diet to dry out her body and help her shed the last pounds. Well, that’s what I call dedication.

Whilst Adriana Lima cuts out solid food once a year, Madonna recently promoted abandoning the habit of eating food altogether. She actually confessed to follow the so-called “Air Diet”. The concept of it is the following: You prepare your food like you normally would, then you put it on a plate, pick it up, hold it to your mouth – and then stop, which basically means you end up throwing it away. The only thing you are allowed to consume is water and salt soup. This diet is based on the idea that air alone is necessary to keep our bodies active.

I’m still a believer of the “old-fashioned way” including a balanced diet rich in fibre, vitamins and proteins and solid workouts. It may take longer but you will be able to maintain it in the long run.

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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