Masaba Gupta
 is a creative director and name giver of the label Masaba which dedicated itself to typical, traditional Indian fashion. The Masaba design is in the first place however supposed to appeal to the younger generation. This is why the designer set herself the goal to modernize the traditional Indian silhouettes. In this way, she wants to motivate her young audience to not forget their origin and tradition. What makes her fashion especially attractive is the use of beautiful prints.

The sari is probably the most famous traditional, Indian piece of clothing and of course represents the heart piece of Gupta’s summer collection 2015. There, natural shades are combined with each other to form incredible allover prints which are absolutely fascinating. Masaba’s fashion does not only enchant us through its colors and prints. The cuts too can be called experimental, clearly not due to overly extravagant avant-gardism. Instead, traditional Indian silhouettes are plainly redefined and developed further.

Be it a business outfit, a gala dress or something to spice up your everyday life – Masaba’s summer collection 2015 wants to make sure you look fantastic in all kinds of situations. I fell in love with a floor-length dress featuring huge cut-outs. The Aladdin pants worn with a blazer or the silk dress combined with a cool crop top however left a memorable impression as well. Overlaid and draped fabrics remind us of the essence of Indian fashion and take Masaba’s customers back to the roots. At the same time, golden shimmering fabrics paired with timeless black bring in majestic grace.

This talented designer will be present within the frameworks of the in Lakmé Fashion Week  India.


Copyight and Source: http://houseofmasaba.com