Anita Dongre has set herself the goal of rediscovering Indian culture. She is particularly proud of Indian craftsmanship, and has declared it to be the main aspect of each and every collection of her creation. Quality is the Alpha and the Omega in Anita’s design concept. Careful production conducted by skillful hands graced with years of experience – this is art itself. The lavish embroideries and diversity of fabrics are the secrets behind traditional Indian fashion.

To catapult her label into the here and now, her fashion, although inspired by Indian tradition, has received a modern reinterpretation. Anita lets modern and traditional elements become one, leaving nothing to coincidence. Her eponymous label presents a wide range of casual wear for men and women. Nevertheless, you will also be able to find clothing for special occasions, including bridal fashion. The latest line for the bride is called “Indian Modern”, which incidentally describes this brand’s identity in a nutshell.

Be it a sari or a floor-length dress, the women’s creations are breathtakingly pompous. Thanks to a multitude of colors, embroideries and oriental patterns, there is a lot to discover in Anita Dongre’s universe. Apart from classical Indian silhouettes, the assortment offers evening robes, blouses or tunics as well.

Men too can freely move between Indian classics and western modernity. The style here is slightly more subdued, even taking into account the diverse robes and gowns, all of which surely represent the core pieces of the men’s assortment. A cheerful colorful combination composed of pants and shirt then reflects the Western influences upon this label.

Catch Anita Dongre alongside other top designers at the Lakmé Fashion Week!

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