Selvage is a name that has been taking the Indian and Asian fashion world by storm. Its clear definitions and straightforward lines impress many, giving birth to an architectural purity. The style of the label is modern and absolutely sophisticated, while simultaneously managing an enchanting seductiveness. Each and every piece fascinates with its individual look and aura. The wearer can indulge in a variety of unique, powerful and expressive pieces, all of which will allow her to exude self-confidence.

Within the framework of the Lakmé Fashion Week, Selvage presents a new summer collection on one of the biggest catwalks in India. Thanks to its urban look, this brand truly stands out from others with their more oriental and traditional styles. Selvage offers a great alternative to colorful Indian fashion, presenting rather western and reduced, yet spot-on clothing.

The color palette is marked by rather discreet colors: we only spot a handful of accentuations in neon shades, and they contrast beautifully with the otherwise dulled and reduced color choices. One of the most striking color concepts however seems to be the interplay between white and black, which absolutely complements the geometric shapes and patterns. Strong yet clear contours and structures are definitely in the foreground, giving rise to chic dresses, elegant hot-pants and cool blouses.

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