The Lakmé Fashion Week unites the best of Indian tradition with the charms of modernity. So far, I have introduced the corresponding fashion designers to you. Here comes the matching jewellery label: Mehak by Mehak Gupta. Founded in the year of 2006, it has given the world excitement and the resurgence of an oriental chic.

The jewellery appears exciting, interesting, playful and pompous. Every single piece of jewellery can simply be seen as eye-catching. Just as you combine these, they give your outfit a unique touch. Maxi-necklaces and earrings, arm bands and rings give a new meaning to glamour. Gold is the colour of the jewellery, coupled with rhinestones in all imaginable shades. Floral motifs dominate the picture, taking on geometric structures and all kinds of embellishment.

The playful core of the models leaves a lasting impression. With an incomparable intensity, the forms are put together. The versatile use of colours is equally perplexing. For the fashionists, this jewellery is the best choice, as it is a one-piece-wonder that works even on its own. Beads mix the lines and mainly ensures a sophisticated form.

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