Famous for its casual interpretation of an elegant femininity, Farah Sanjana is one of the main actors in the Indian Lakmé Fashion Week. As always, she proves her courage for uniqueness through a fascinatingly thoughtful use of contrasts. At the focus of the everyday glamour are nevertheless the silhouettes which secure their values through their meekness, modernity and architectonic grace.

After her studies at the London College of Fashion, Farah Sanjana returns to her homeland, India. The label that was named after her nevertheless shows an extremely western side. Again and again, links point towards the traditional Indian fashion which is secured with fabrics, colours or detailed embroidery.

Every collection, every new line contains a completely different image. As such, Sanjana expresses her diverse interpretation of fashion distinctly. Delicate dresses in joyful colour tones made of soft fabrics in gentle lines meet the contrasty, architecturally-edged pieces in black-white contrasts. This way, the designer almost always discovers the playful sensuality of the wearer.

The modern crop top has positioned itself at the peak of design just like the floor-length dress. Recently, the model scores points through recesses, winding-optics and tulle elements. Excitement is associated with harmony- the wearer determines the direction!

Copyright and Source: https://www.facebook.com/farahsanjana?fref=photo, http://www.lakmefashionweek.co.in