The finest  haute couture with fantasy-filled finesse is here with the designer Serkan Cura. Under the label name of Serkan Cura Couture, he presents his thoughtful creations which tells of passion and dreams. Whether it is about the colours, materials or cuts, harmony is the most important stylistic device.

Serkan Cura had a lot of experience in the field of Prêt-à-porter and Couture before he founded his own fashion business. Born in Turkey, the designer has his style characterised by the Parisian fashion house. With this, he gathered his skills, tested them out and was able to ignite the passion for fashion again and again.  After his studies in Antwerp, he was hired by Jean Paul Gaultier for several years.

In this own collections, the designer prefers to use extraordinary, almost absurd silhouettes. He brings imaginative fashion to life and makes his dreams a reality. A variety of different textiles are transformed into refined avant-gardes. Particularly exceptional techniques have been employed by Serkan – unique feather-applications are his specialty.

With exotically coloured, large feathers made in tender white or with metallic lustre, dresses are turned into heavenly robes. They decorate the pieces completely or are used for accentuation, especially on the shoulders. The feminine pieces reveal the beauty of the wearer in its very own way. They play with the imagination of the individual and are definitely much more than just clothes!

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