The story of Guy Laroche traces back to the year 1957. At that time, the label, known for feminine clothing, was founded by its designer of the same name. For the development of new collections, the discovery of female looks has always been the highlight.  Guy Laroche saw fashion as THE way to express oneself. Again and again, he created pieces and combinations that influence our fashion even today. Over decades, he created such a fashion empire which clothes the self-determined woman. Today, the Guy Laroche-style is defined by chief designer Marcel Marongiu.

The summer dress and the jumpsuit are the absolute must-haves of the coming season in 2015. In these, Marcel Marongiu deals with different types of materials. Particularly, the use of thick leather and flowing, light fabrics, create a stark contrast. Almost for every occasion, the woman can find a matching outfit. I find it especially convenient that both the dress in all its facets and the one-piece can dress you up in one go without any conflict.

Flowing fabrics in joyful colours make all models into minor hippie-dreams. This includes the floor-length dress with V-neckline as well as the gentle blouse. Thick fabric in turn supports the elegant look of a pencil skirt, blazer and knee-length dress. It’s more of the specific cuts than the details that give the models there individual effect.

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