Jil Sander is, as a fashion brand, not just famous for its incomparably elegant women-lines. Since 1997, new collections which occupy the typical hallmarks have also been appearing for men every year. In view of the modern man who is aware of his influence and places value on contemporary fashion, an extraordinary, chic winter collection follows. The mixture of classics in exciting new editions and genuine innovations was always the secret of Jil Sander. There is no reliance on a tried-and-tested effect, which is especially important to enable the man to make a new interpretation for himself.

In this colour-wise dark winter, two distinctively masculine styles with volumes and edges stand in the spotlight. The collection, comprising of pleated pants, sweatshirts, knitted sweaters, shirts and coats, thrives on the unique variety of forms. Other than the ordinary materials, the unusual application of leather as the basis of elegant models is the absolute highlight. Among the must-haves includes the Maxi-Coat with an urban appeal. The accessories, such as gym bags or shoulder bags, complete this image surprisingly athletically.

The summer collection of 2015 already looks totally different. The dark colours of the winter are replaced by friendly shades. With beige or white, these are nonetheless still particularly chic. Even the masculine appeal is withdrawn and expanded with feminine pieces, through which the whole line receives a soft touch. This is further strengthened complementing colours such as pink, yellow and violet. The overall is then not only summery and joyful, but also bold and exciting. You can rely on Jil Sander – elegant, but also refreshing designs are in the house.

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