At home in Vienna, Royal Black creates every single outfit there. The heart of the label builds extravagant corsetry in the form of feminine, magnificent corsets. Further presents the Royal Black CoutureFashion. Of course, this is also influenced by corsages and defines the womanhood of the wearer.

During the 15 years in the fashion world, the designer Barbara Pesendorfer developed a passion and dedication to corsages. No other garment can be so sensual, so declared to be sexy and so enlighteningly elegant. She has set herself to rediscover this female favourite, which was unfortunately forgotten in our time. With an individual touch, a splendid design and numerous details, the Royal Black Corset tells the tale of a modern woman.

Sexiness was never so stylistic! Every single model transforms, through a refined touch, into an artwork. The corset feels almost like a sculpture with the polishing applications. The rose-studded design reveals playfulness. Botanical ornaments are romantically applied. Other models work with tulle, laces or graceful gold.

Barbara Pesendorfer has high expectations of herself, which can be clearly seen in every creations. Individuality is the requirement for every design!

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