Step 1: Blend a matte blue eyeshadow into your crease for a transition color.

Step 2: Next apply a black gel eyeliner or a black eyeshadow base all over your eyelid and blend it into your crease using a black eyeshadow (‘Corrupt’ by Makeup Geek).

Step 3: Dab a blue, shimmery eyeshadow on to the center of your lids and blend the color carefully into the black base.

Step 4: Run the black eyeshadow along your lower lash line and blend it out using the matte blue color we used in step 1.

Step 5: Now glue on some blue rhine stones along your lower lash line. Try to leave the same space between each rhine stone for a clean look. Also apply a black kajal on your waterline.

Step 6: Lastly coat your upper lashes in black mascara and highlight the inner corners of your eyes, as well as the brow bone with a white eyeshadow.

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