Okay, it does sound weird, but it’s actually not. Art comes in many colors and shapes. Here, I have some nice methods to bequeath one’s cremains to your survivors. Well, yeah … it still doesn’t sound really good, but first just have a look at what I’ve found for you (or your cremains):

“Become a photo

A Norwegian photo studio found out how to print photos with cremains and special toners. Why not making a picture with one’s cremains? Pretty cool, isn’t it? This has been only done with the cremains of animals, so far, but technology doesn’t stop progressing, right?

“Become an hourglass

Cinerary urns are old school … an hourglass would be more beautiful and is also more special, don’t you think so? Several funeral homes in the U.S. offer you to fill in fine cremains into hourglasses for $ 350.00.

“Become a record

$ 5000.00 to get your cremains pressed into a record, which can run for 24 minutes (available in the U.S.). It’s up to their owners what they will do with them afterwards. A drawing, a diary entry, a short note, a love letter to the survivors? Hopefully at least no shopping list…

“Or become a diamond

Actually well-known but too beautiful to not to be mentioned. Pressed and processed under high pressure. That’s how you’ll become a little diamond that can be worn on your love’s finger and hang on a pretty necklace. Glisten forever in her life…

Vendors of such methods include e.g. “LifeGem” (www.lifegem.de) and “Algordanza” (www.algordanza.de)

Copyright and Source: www.liegem.de, www.algordanza.de