Jasper Conran has been actively influencing the fashion world for over 30 years already, while having dedicated himself to a multitude of different activities. Apart from men’s and women’s clothing, he also created stage outfits, theater costumes and sceneries. The London Fashion Week  is not only an event during which Jasper Conran is presenting his collections each year. No, the renowned designer himself is one of the founders of this spectacle. However, then this crucial fashion event was still called “London Designer Collections”.

No wonder the visitors of this event still look forward to Jasper’s fashion shows today. As a tower of strength in the British fashion world, the designer is considered an immovable entity in his field of expertise. His collections again and again win the status of milestones in the history of fashion, inspiring thousands of young newcomers.

Jasper Conran is not here to play. Instead he reveals linear esthetics, defined by a precise definition of femininity. In the summer 2015, his vision of womanliness looks sporty and classical, offering the female wearer anything which she needs to master her everyday life. The modern, timeless and above all ageless character of his fashion is particularly fascinating me.

It’s the minimalist silhouettes which are in the first place responsible for this amazing effect. Complemented by exciting prints, Conran’s clothing is simply made to enchant us. Horizontal, colorful stripes, black dabs on a white background, geometrical shapes – the cheeky prints transform his collection into a refreshing, young and explosive cocktail!

Copyright and Source: http://www.jasperconran.com/ , http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk