Halo & Co. is a renowned brand which is particularly known to those who adore high-quality jewelry. Nicola and Stephanie Ball who founded the jewelry label more than 20 years ago did not lose even an ounce of creativity despite their long career of making jewelry. Au contraire, the duo succeeded in developing an individual look, while even gaining more and more experience year after year. The luxurious fashion jewelry is infused with the passion for vintage design which both Nicola and Stephanie share.

The summer collection 2015 is transforming maxi flowers into the must-have of the season. The romantic, playful or rocking flower designs embellish the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Each piece of jewelry is becoming a unique statement which will serve as the visual center of your whole outfit. No matter how simple your look may be, the jewelry by Halo & Co. will provide it with the necessary glamour.

Vintage charm is particularly exuded by the combination of rose-colored elements, gold, nacre and white. Swarovski crystals furthermore refine the extraordinary design which impresses with a multitude of romantic flower looks. The rocking version of this entire flower fantasy world is by the way colored in blue, black and silver and will appeal to those who like their jewelry a bit more rough. Colorful flower necklaces show us that summer is just around the corner. If you like it a bit more discreet, how about the noble, white pieces of jewelry which however are in no way less chic? Yes, Halo & Co. demonstrates that one single piece of jewelry can transform your entire look. Indeed, these detailed and filigree creations have a unique effect. This is why a London Fashion Week without this brand is just unimaginable.

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