“Tod den Hippies, es lebe der Punk!” (engl: Death to all Hippies, long live the Punk!”)

 “… something had to change so we went to Western Berlin!”

Producer: Oskar Roehler
Starring: Tom Schilling, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, Frederick Lau, Emilia Schüle

Somewhere in Western Germany in the early 80s a young man didn’t want to deal with Hippies any longer, so what to do? Well, that’s easy, pack up your things and head to West Berlin, a city full of adventures, exhilaration and young people. At that time, money was no concern either – what else was the social welfare office for?

Living spaces were at your disposal, which meant enough space to express your creative mind. The result: Punk!

It’s a movie filled with side blows regarding the “legendary times” when Berlin was still known for its wild lifestyle.

Oskar Roehler once more produced a movie about our favorite capital, which has the potential to be just as successful as the comedy film “Oh Boy”. If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic or would love to know more about times you did not experience first-hand I whole-heartedly recommend this movie!

Copyright and Source: http://www.filmstarts.de/kritiken/226792.html