Hey Beauties.

There you have it: a picture of my completely naked nails. Besides the fact that they are in desperate need of a proper filing session, they’re pretty beaten up. That’s due the countless hours of wearing nail polish. I love painting my nails (as you know) and I love painting them with dark shades. This, however, leads to the nasty consequence that they’re often stained.

And since this might apply to a lot of you guys, I brought a special tip for you how to remove those pesky stains.

First of all, it’s always recommendable to give your nails a break, especially when you like to wear polish 24/7 for 2 weeks straight. And for them to look good naked you should use toothpaste – a heck load of toothpaste that has a slight bleaching effect. You can spot them in your local drugstore, often with a label saying “Extra white” etc.

I usually spread the paste on my whole nail, especially around the tips. Then I take a soft and clean toothbrush to give it a thorough cleanse. It’s like brushing your teeth, really. Then wash your hands and voila, you’re left with stainless nails to show off. I really recommend you doing it once in a while, that and the occasional “vacation” for your nails from any type of polish. I personally am guilty of NOT doing it but I will try my best from now on!!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow. I got some nice promotions from Rossmann for you guys.

Yours truly,

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