Hey Beauties.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely all ears and eyes for spring. Unfortunately Mother Nature has other plans or how would you explain the chaotic climate changes right now? That’s why I thought to myself: Why not bring spring fever into your looks by getting all of our favourite spring colors out? My personal favourite has to be “Ferris Wheel” by Ciaté. Mint will always be en vogue – that’s what I hope, anyway.

If you’re curious to know how I incorporated this beautiful color into my tutorial, keep on reading.


You will need:

1x mint-colored polish
1x matte topcoat
1x silver glitter polish
1x brush / dotting tool


Step 1
Apply the color Ferris Wheel on all of your nails. You are free to choose your favourite mint color. I guess Mint Candy Apple by Essie is also a good choice and a real classic. Each nail should be painted in this look. Then leave them alone for about 5 minutes until they are semi-dry.
Now get your matte topcoat and go over all of your nails again. If the polish happens to be still too wet the result will look muddy and not pretty at all, so wait that extra 5 minutes.

Step 2
After the topcoat, let things dry off for 10 additional minutes. They should be completely dry by now, depending on how thick you layered the polish. An even result should be in front of you.  The last step involves your brush or dotting tool as well as your glitter polish. Paint a vertical line on the tips of your nails. It doesn’t matter where you put it exactly, but be sure to do it accordingly to the other ones. That’s about it guys. There you have your beautiful mint, matte spring nails.

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang


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