Hello fellow beauty lovers.

Juicing is so 2014. At least that’s what numerous magazines are saying. It started off as a trend last year and became a real hype. People had ridiculously high hopes, which weren’t fulfilled. You probably had that one person, who wanted to detox their bodies with this method and lose a pound or twelve. The reality was that a lot of people had mixed feelings about always being hungry and it wasn’t exactly cheap either. Raw vegetables and fruits simply don’t suffice if you want to lose fat. Proteins and good fats are essential in terms of healthy eating.

However, there’s a new trend boiling up, coming aaall the way from Los Angeles: Souping. This “diet” aims to efficiently detox the body. The secret: Soups are rich in fibre. Those fibres strengthen your immune system as well as cleanse out your inner body. It also anchors the blood sugar level to prevent binge eating habits. In combination with the low calories soups have it’s perfect to lose a pound or two. In addition to that, the vitamins are incredible for your hair, skin and nails!

BUT the thing is not all soups are healthy. Cream-based soups for example are rich in saturated fats and like all diets it’s very hard to maintain this soup-only-lifestyle.

I personally think that it’s not wrong to jump on that bandwagon just know where your limits are. With slow but gradual changes in your eating habits it’s possible to lose weight permanently. Concoct a healthy, nutritious soup every now and then and incorporate them into your lifestyle. They will fill your body up with antioxidants and vitamins and let you ooze health. But please don’t go all the way and decide to ONLY eat soups if you know that you won’t maintain this lifestyle for long.

What do you think of the latest food trend?

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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