The lifestyle brand New Era is scoring a new coup by presenting the Perfect Game Collection of their exclusive Heritage Series. The Heritage Series is exclusively offering hand-selected premium models, reminding us of unique moments in the history of baseball.

With the Perfect Game Colleciton, New Era is honoring and celebrating the idea of the so-called “Perfect Game”. In the entire history of the Baseball Major League, only 23 of these games were pitched. But what is a Perfect Game? When the pitcher succeeds in preventing he batter from reaching the base in time by scoring a strike out, fly out or tag out. The Pitcher is then admitted into the Hall of Fame for this excellent performance.

In order to honor these outstanding achievements, New Era is devoting the newest Heritage Series to five of the most known teams, which were able to score a Perfect Game between the early 1980ies and today: The New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants.

The exclusive 59FIFTY Cap is made of Melton wool (42€) or comes in a combination with leather (52€). The amazing collector’s pieces are all provided with a special inner lining, the original team colors and the logo patch.

As from mid-February, the models are all available in selected shops like SOTO, 43 einhalb and Asphaltgold (in Germany), Flag Cap Store (Swiss), size? (UK), Starcow (France), the New Era Flagship Stores (London, Birmingham, Paris and Berlin) and online on

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