The designer Mitsuru Nishizaki established himself in the year 2009 by founding his fashion brand Ujoh, which dedicated its entire being to the beauty of women. These designs can be admired at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo in March. Just lean back and let this feminine fashion draw you under its spell. Before the fashion week even started, you can be sure that the visitors of this fashion spectacle are expecting a tasty cocktail of femininity, sportiness and timeless design which will spice up your wardrobe and look with different stylistic devices.

Well, you can barely imagine how many facets have found their way into the summer collection 2015. Here, sexiness clashes with elevated chic, discreet design and extrovert looks as well as casual wear and complex sophistication. The silhouettes are diverse and range from cocoon-shaped to waisted and almost linear. The strong contrast between the colors black and white takes up a role as important as that of the botanically inspired prints on a textile background in off-white. One botanical print which caught our attention is the yellow lemons, limes and blue, delicate flowers which cover a top in a kind of aquarelle-like transparence.

Architectural preciseness, an exciting interaction between horizontal and vertical lines as well as layered structures, which harmonize well with the architectural designs, determine the hallmarks of the coming summer collection. In order to accentuate the summery flair, flowing materials have been used which bestow a distinct lightness upon nearly all designs. Nevertheless, the summery concept is implemented with preciseness as geometrical structures run through the collection like a golden thread. The peplum incorporated into the top, the cutouts of the crop top, the layers installed into the blazer jacket and many more fascinating details are part of this constructional component the designer clung onto.

Dresses look incredibly innovative  – despite their plain silhouette – thanks to triangular cutouts at waist level. Skirts are often decorated by fascinating perforations. Besides, the 7/8 pants are celebrating a comeback within Ujoh’s summer collection and come in an impressive maxi design. Here, you can discover an entire fashion universe which is based on countless repeated details. Ujoh’s fashion is cheerful and light and can certainly conjure a smile on any beholder’s face.

Copyright and Source:  http://www.ujoh-amr.com