The young label Patchy Cake Eater which was founded in the year 2012 will participate in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo this year which will take place in March. There, the fashion house will present its looks for the coming winter 2015 and 2016. The fashion is devoted to the style-conscious man who does not allow the mainstream community to dictate his look. Instead, he wants to attract attention. The fashion by Patchy Cake Eater is definitely giving you the ideal base for doing so as it is incomparably creative. This is thanks to designer Shigeki Morino.

During his studies at a university which specialized in men’s wear, Shigeki Morino already succeeded in impressing the Japanese fashion market with his designs. Men’s wear is his specialty to this day, which is clearly visible in his ambition to show that men’s clothing is defined by more than just a few facets. Elegance clashes with humoristic features, casual wear on the other hand is defined by an elevated touch. Every man who likes to dress well will surely find something in Morino’s fashion universe which he will fall in love with.

Patchy Cake Eater creates an almost dually structured look which involves classics as well as timeless and modern pieces. In the summer collection 2015, Shigeki Morino incorporated luscious colors like neon green, bright blue and orange into his design. These cheerful colors indeed bestow a very refreshing character upon his looks. Black and white nevertheless represent crucial colors in the color palette as well, forming the discreet side of Patchy Cake Eater’s fashion, paired with olive and eggshell white. In general, the fashion by Morino is characterized by a distinct mix ‘n’ match concept, which connects discreet structures with extrovert looks. Classics are here modernly interpreted, including shirts, blazers and pleated pants with wide cuts or shiny, eye-catching fabrics. We also caught sight of an overall which looks surprisingly cool on the male mannequin. This gem is furthermore florally patterned or comes in a striped version, which will guarantee one or two or seven admiring glances.

This winter, we can observe extreme colors as well. Just take a look at all the rose-colored pieces there. The heart piece of the collection is probably the frills-covered shirt which still looks absolutely eccentric when worn with a plain pair of cloth pants thanks to an eye-catching print. Suede jackets, bomber jackets and college jackets are additional it-pieces produced by Patchy Cake Eater, a brand which really wants to bring out your inner eccentric.


Copyright and Source: http://www.patchycakeeater.com