The Japanese designer Hiroaki Sueyasu  is the one responsible for the impressive designs of the label Kidill. Born in Fukuoka, he is one of the native fashion creators present their new looks for the winter 2015 and 2016 within the frameworks of the influential Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo. The street wear of the designer is not simply worn, you have to explore and experience it because, here, details are the alpha and omega.

A blend of hip hop and classical design inspired the designer to create unconventional outfits. Baggy pants, sporty jackets and shorts transform the summer collection into a cheerful interpretation of a classical look. Light materials revolutionize the image of the classical suit which can now be worn to festivals thanks to the maxi cut! T-shirts become longer, pants become wider and the fabrics are now lighter, all thanks to Kidill. The result: a very innovative interpretation of classically summery pieces.

The T-shirts remind you of sporty tricots and impress with their prints just like the cool sweat jackets. The sporty overall image exudes pure coolness, plays with prints and discreet structures. Black, grey and white are the protagonists here which practically make the fashion by Kidill appropriate for all kinds of occasions. Checked patterns were sometimes incorporated into the design and bestow a rock ‘n’ roll look upon the fashion. The winter collection this year is based on checked patterns, black and voluminous silhouettes as well. Fashion-forward – this adjective is coining the entire style of this brand. The coat clashes with the bomber jacket, the pants are high-waisted and the T-shirt is cramped into the pants’ waistband.

In short: Here you can find individual pieces with which you can show your individuality. This fashion redefines masculinity!

Copyright and Source: http://www.kidill.jp