Especially women are happy when they look at their calendar and see February 14. It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day! The lovers’ day! The men give presents to their loved ones with mountains of overpriced bouquets of roses and perfume. Women then reward their Valentines with the finest chocolates and hot lingerie. But who was Valentin in the first place? The tradition of Valentine’s Day is goes back to Valentin von Terni , who married couples according to Christian rites despite the ban by the Roman emperor Claudicus Gothicus. It is believed that Valentin has been executed for this deed. What a brave man!

However, this day has only become popular thanks to the smart marketing strategies of florists and confectionery manufacturers. In 2013, 1,000 tons of roses were only shipped by Lufthansa to Germany. So as you can see, that’s the day flower shops make their highest sales throughout the year. It might happen that you have pay 50 bucks for 15 little roses.

Despite  the international popularity of this day, customs  seem to differ around the world. In Japan, for example, the most important part is the chocolates. The women give homemade chocolate to their loved ones. And a month later, on “White Day”, they can expect to receive white chocolate from the men. In Finland, February 14 is considered as the day of friendship. You either receive anonymous friends cards or small gifts. Actually, quite nice idea, right?

Let’s be frank, Valentine’s Day is definitely a nice custom and every woman would like it, if she received a little gift after many years of marriage or a relationship that has fallen asleep. However, why do we need a specific day to honor the beloved? Think of the moms who take care of the children every day. Additionally, she has to do a lot of laundry, clean up the flat, prepare meals, review their children’s homework. They play the role of a loving mothers, who also chauffeur  the kids to their weekly activities. In the evening they have to look neat and ready to greet their husbands who are coming back from work. And it’s needless to mention whether she has been working in the office additionally. No wonder fights and discrepancies emerge from this. But actually, it shouldn’t be that way, especially not in our modern society. However, I can give some general advice to all men:: A satisfied and happy woman plays  a major role if a man wants to be happy himself.

But what if one is single and has no one to focus on? What do you do then? Becoming desperate? No! You just get yourself a large box of chocolate. In the evening, you will get ready for the club to party with some like-minded people. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. After all, Valentine’s Day is  only an ordinary day and a few silly numbers won’t pull you down. I’m sure many of you, whether you’re single or in a relationship, went to the cinema on this Valentine’s Day and watched the crazily hyped movie “50 Shades of Grey”. But let’s get back to this topic next week …

Image source: First Picture , Second Picture – private Photo by Mia Gray