Step 1: Apply a baby pink nail polish to all of your nails. Here I used the color ‘Up and Kim-ing Pink’ by Nicole by OPI.

Step 2: To recreate the famous french look, take a deep dark pink and apply it on the tips of all of your nails. The perfect product for this step is the shade ‘Hot Head’ by Hot Tones.

Step 3: For the girly polka dot effect, grab either a professional dotting tool or a normal bobbi pin and dip it in white nail polish (‘beluga white’ by Jolifin). Then dab it along the border of the two pink tones and create a few polka dots. Repeat that on all of your nails except for the middle finger.

Step 4: Because we can’t miss a heart on our nails on Valentine’s day, take your white nail polish again and drawon a little heart shape on to your middle finger to finish off your manicure.

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