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A couple of nights ago I sat on my couch and watched an old episode of “Criminal Minds”. It told the tale of a famer, who frequently abducted prostitutes to make experiments and after he was “done” he merely disposed of them by chopping them to pieces and feeding them to his pigs. That’s what the FBI agents found out with the added description that pigs are so called omnivores and literally eat everything.

That’s when I really got the chills and I had to think about the fact that that right there is actually something we have in common with pigs. We humans also eat everything. Interesting. However, nowadays there are a whole lot of lifestyles people live by to protect animals and plants. Today’s article is all about the Fruitarians in our world. They’re the total contrasts to omnivores. Nevertheless, I’m not exaggerating when I say that Frutarianism is one of the crazier decisions in life.

Fruitarians only eat vegetable products similar to Vegans, but they also pay attention to how their food was harvested. They regularly eat nuts, seeds and grains but also berries and vegetables that are taken from fertilized inflorescences. That’s why pumpkins and beans are okay, but potatoes and carrots are not. You see, when you harvest the latter you have to separate them from the non-idible parts, which means the death of the plant. Berries, which you can pick won’t harm the plant or bush whatsoever. Ethical reasons are obviously in the center here. Like some Vegetarians and Vegans, Fruitarians wan to protect both animals and plants. They want to avoid unnatural deaths on our planet. Besides the ethical motives there are also religious, spiritual and health reasons. Critics however frequently talk about malnutrition in regards to this kind of lifestyle.  Especially a healthy intake of calcium, iron and Vitamin B will be hard to achieve. Nevertheless, you will still find some people who even take the path of Frutarianism for losing weight. It nevertheless is clear that this diet is not recommendable for weight loss.

 One fun fact: The best-known representative and maybe the best example of how dangerous long-term Frutarianism can be has to be Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs. That’s allegedly also how the apple logo came into being. However, this lifestyle, experts say, may have played a huge role in his death from pancreatic cancer as well.

Ashton Kutcher, who is going to portray Jobs in an incoming movie, allegedly even landed in the hospital after trying out this diet.

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