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Franziska Eichhorn is a designer based in Leipzig. Her latest collection is called “Yes, One” and consists of two lines: a sweater line and a “Master” collection.

The former includes, as the name already gives away, a multitude of sweaters which are all rather loosely cut, emphasizing the easygoing character, and are provided with a crew neck. In fact, we are looking at two basic models which are however given different color designs. One sweater which caught our eye is covered by color splashes, turning it into a nonchalant and charming it-piece for the fashion eccentrics out there. Another incredible-looking model has to be the one black sweater which is equipped with a chest pocket made of leather. Paired with a black pair of jogging pants covered with huge polka dots, this nonchalant and sporty-looking model succeeded to win our hearts.

The “Yes, One” Master Collection however appears way less sporty as it consists of shirts, sweaters, cloth pants and trench coats, which results in a rather classical overall image. However, the color palette of this collection ranges from green, blue to orange shades, which represents a color design contrasting beautifully with the classical cuts and shapes due to its cheerful and playful nature. To our surprise, the designer incorporated triangles into many of her designs. Be it a colorful patch or a quirky accessory – triangles seem to run through the collection like a golden thread and can also be spotted in a playful chevron pattern. In general, you can call Franziska Eichhorn’s Master collection a quirky and smart interpretation of classical men’s wear which is extravagant but in no way obtrusive.

Looking at these two impressive clothing lines, we can conclude that Franziska Eichhorn particularly wants to appeal to those modern and self-confident men out there who don’t take fashion too seriously and who foster a more experimental approach to styling.



Photographer • Dunja Antic

Stylist • Catharina Gerekos, Readthetrieb

Hair & Make-up • Ivana Zoric
MAC Cosmetics