Daisy Dapper is a fashion brand which you can call anything but ordinary. But what makes this brand so special? Daisy Dapper creates fashion which is not inspired by the present, but is devoted to the past. Here you can enter a world full of retro clothing for women. Thus, this brand will particularly appeal to those who want to emphasize their femininity with elegant fashion. Inspired by the 50ies, Daisy Dapper has been presenting Rockabilly fashion since 2008. Jewelry, accessories and even swimwear can be discovered here apart from clothing.

The Daisy Dapper Collections remain surprisingly classical compared to the other brands of the LondonEdge. Emphasizing the feminine silhouette following the beauty ideal of the 50ies is placed in the foreground here. Overalls with wide pants, waisted dresses, blouse dresses, vests and waisted pants represent the key pieces of Daisy Dapper’s universe. They are often plain-colored and dyed in rather dulled shades. But sometimes, you can stumble across eye-catching pieces embellished with floral embroideries, decorative seams, checked patterns or other botanical motifs.

The sophisticated play with feminine charms particularly fascinates me. The brand never reveals too much skin and yet you have barely seen a more sensual silhouette than here in the universe of Daisy Dapper where time stood still. The pencil skirt for instance is paired with a peplum top. Lace and transparence are another stylistic device representing feminine design.

With these extraordinary, exclusive designs, Daisy Dapper won our hearts.

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