If you want to make your lips look fuller, the one and only simple trick is to use more than one color on your lips. The important part is, that the colors should be in the same color range, so that it looks very natural. For today’s look I used two different colors: a bright tomato red and a light orange coral shade.

Step 1: First of all, line your lips with a bright red lipliner. The one I used here is by Estée Lauder in the color ’02 – Red Coral’.

Step 2: To create a shadow on the outer corners of your lips, apply the tomato red lipstick, which in this case is the color ‘High Voltage’ by Milani, on both outer thirds of your upper and lower lip, so that the center of your lips stays blank.

Step 3: For the highlight on your lips, use the light coral lipstick and apply it right on the center of your lips. Blend the color in with the red lipstick, so that both colors transition smoothly into each other. The product I used for this step is a lipstick by Gerard Cosmetics in the color ‘Tequilla Sunrise’.

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