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Hello fellow beauty lovers.

I received an alarming number of links, both on Instagram and Twitter, over the past few days that lead me to a rather interesting beauty trend…

The hashtag #dyedpits  is burning through the social network and show pictures of girls that openly present their arm pits to the camera. Yes, ladies and gents, fully grown, thick arm pit hairs – in bold colors. The message behind this is clear: Women should not bow down to the social pressure, which dictates that women have to be flawlessly plucked and should not have any hair on their bodies. Everything should be smooth and perfect? That now seems to be a part of the past. A lot of girls said that it feels extremely liberating to let things grow out and ignore the razor for a day or two.

You can now find dozens of videos on Youtube in which people show you step by step how to dye your armpit hair. The girls wear this look to emphasize their freedom to say, do and decide on anything they want without having to submit to society. What do you guys think about this kind of beauty trend?

See you on Monday!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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