Well, winter is not over yet even if we are longing desperately for the warm spring to come. But soon, the first blossoms will bloom, announcing the beginning of the next season. As soon as the winter is bidding us farewell, we will lock away our winter’s clothing, making room for new fashionable spring creations. There is one beautiful spring collection I would like to introduce to you in the following. The fashion house Nadine H  is a label which relies on soft colors and breezy cuts for its spring and summer collection 2015. Founded in the year 1981, the brand initially focused on exclusively producing blouses, but later decided to incorporate dresses, blazers and coats into the assortment as well without however losing the focus on blouses.

The clothing line exudes a summery flair at first sight not least because of the color palette which features white, bright rose and blue as well as black accentuations. Soft blouses made of light fabrics are facing structured, almost boxy-looking models. After almost 34 years, the brand probably dealt with every imaginable variation of the blouse, this time relying on rather wide cuts. Nevertheless, the proportions don’t seem strange to us, instead they are emphasizing the esthetical, feminine overall image. This is further underlined by the different floral patterns which run through the collection like a golden thread.

We caught sight of a short-sleeved white blouse, whose sleeve and décolleté part are printed with rose dots. The polka dot motif however is interrupted or rather it made way for the actual eye catcher: the chiffon roses whose texture results in an intriguing effect. The ensemble made of a bright blue cocoon coat with a laser-cut floral motif, a white crochet skirt as well as a peplum blouse with single abstracted sewn-on flowers on it represents another highlight. The outfit appears playful, feminine and at the same time clean and elegant.

All in all, we can call this clothing line a modern and sophisticated collection which shows what Nadine H has got. Who adores fashionable elegance, should definitely turn to this brand which paid Berlin a visit during the Panorama Messe Berlin.

Copyright and Source: http://www.nadineh.de