The classic pin-up look is a combination of a bold wing eyeliner and a bright red lip, which I showed you in yesterday’s tutorial. Today I will show you, how to create the matching winged cat eyeliner.

Step 1: First blend a light brown eyeshadow into your crease for some definition. The color I used here is called ‘Wedge’ by MAC.

Step 2: Run that same shade along your lower lash line.

Step 3: Now draw on your bold winged eyeliner using a black gel eyeliner. Start by drawing a thinner line in the inner corners of your eyelids and make the line thicker towards the wing.

Step 4: Highlight your brow bone and your inner tear duct. Here I used the Mary-Lou-Manizer by the Balm.

Step 5: Apply one coat of black mascara to your upper lashes and glue on your false lashes, which can not be missed when doing a pin-up look. The one’s I used here are called ‘#WSP’ by Red Cherry.

Step 6: To complete everything, apply that same mascara to your bottom lashes and use a nude colored kajal pencil on your waterline.

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