Individual, feminine and playful – these terms describe the fall and winter collection Myrine  by best. With bold patterns and innovative cuts, each piece of the collection will guarantee to earn you a lot of jealous glances. But if you let this brand compose your entire outfit, you will feel as if the whole world is looking at you!

Comfortable and unconventional fashion, this is what defines Myrine. The brand founded in the year 2010 set itself the goal to stick to this principle, creating a fall and winter collection 2014/2015 which completely consists of wool and knitted fabrics. In the softly falling and yet extraordinary cuts, the brand’s self-established priority to create comfortable clothing which feels like a second skin is clearly visible. The color spectrum of the collection consists of dulled grey, brown and blue nuances, lime green and a pale berry shade. The rather timid colors will however let the patterns stand out even more! Whether you like it checked, striped, floral or whether you are infatuated with polka dots, all common and popular patterns seem to be present here. Paired with playful shapes and many valance accentuations, ruffles and gathers, an overall image emerges which seems very girly and dreamy.

The silhouettes can be described as “voluminous”. Whether A-line skirts in all imaginable lengths, huge collar scarves or jodhpur pants – the cuts are beautifully extravagant. This important attribute runs through the accessory collection like a golden thread as well because the decorative belts, bobbles and hats are oversized, too! I can’t get around thinking about Alice in Wonderland looking at these creations. The almost cheesy appearing combinations leave a special, fairytale-like impression. Indeed, this collection is not made for serious and tough businesswomen. Instead, it will surely appeal to those who want to emphasize their femininity in a rather romantic and dreamy way and who do not fear showing their extravaganza.

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