Summer is coming! Now, it’s time to get in shape in order to impress all the hot beach boys and girls! But you lack the motivation to start exercising to train so hard that you almost die of the muscle pains the next day? Well, look at your spare tyre which you acquired over the holidays. You need to get rid of it. But no worries! I have THE solution for you and it is called Freeletics!

Just sign in for free to be able to try out five free starter workouts. They are all named after ancient gods like Ares, Zeus, Helios or Aphrodite. Well, the names alone have a motivational effect on me. Who doesn’t want to look like a god of the Olympus? If you feel the starter workouts are too easy, just sign up for a “Coach”. For three months, you only have to pay 34.99€ for instance. But flexibility is written in capital letters here, which is why you can also choose to work out with a coach for mere weeks, half a year or an entire year! Furthermore, you can also download a diet guide for additional 29.90€

The basic version which you can try out for an unlimited time will show you three exercises each. Via video, Freeletics will show you precisely how to carry out these exercises, while adding crucial information and advice. Without any gadgets and weights, you can easily do them at home. The only “equipment” you need is a wall you can lean on for some exercises. For the Zeus workout you will need a pull-up bar though. If you finished a workout, your workout time will be added to your own personal statistics. Per training unit, you will receive points which help you reach the next level. In this way, Freeletics keeps you motivated in order to help you beat the final boss, the enemy: your weaker self!

The Readthetrieb team is by the way trying out the basic workout and has since them been eating healthier. Also, take the stairs once in a while and you will feel more satisfied with yourself!

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