Sweet like honey and sour like a citron – Lemon Jelly has been the sweetest temptation since the invention of shoes, although the history of this brand actually did not begin with shoe design at all. Actually, Lemon Jelly provided other shoe brands with soles in the beginning. After 40 years, the team behind Lemon Jelly probably had enough of just fabricating soles and decided to launch their own shoes designed just to their liking onto the market. This was the birth of Lemon Jelly.

Innovative technologies clash with human passion. The entire production process takes place, from the beginning to the end, in Portugal, the home of this extraordinary shoe brand. Said label paid the fashion metropolis Berlin a visit in order to leave the visitors of Panorama Messe the in awe with extraordinary shoes.

In the fall and winter 2015, the shoes look particularly attractive. Sophisticatedly, the brand connects the design of rubber boots with fur boots. In this way, the shiny material clashes with cheeky fur accentuations. The boots are often knee-high and are furthermore accentuated with additional details like buckles. At the same time, there are also stylish rubber boots without fur. Checked patterns, studs and buckles cap off the designs and guarantee a lot of fascinating looks. Apart from rubber boots, you can also discover cheeky Chelsea boots here which will particularly appeal to the urban and casual fashion addicts out there. Violet slippers round off the amazing winter assortment.

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