As you probably all know Berlin was recently occuped by the Fashion Week, an incomparable fashion event which always succeeds in rocking the entire hip German fashion scene. Apart from countless, bombastic runway shows, the fashion fairs were the reason thousands of fashion fans literally pilgrimed to the German capital during the fashion week. One of these fairs was the Panorama Messe , which presented big, international brands including one special label which caught our attention: Kling!

Kling comes from Spain and from there it has been fascinating fashion victims all over the world. The US, Canada, Ireland or Italy – who is looking for new youthful trends, should definitely be turning to Kling! Clothing, accessories and shoes can be found in the Kling universe, which turns this brand into a real lifestyle label, which dresses you from head to toe and guarantees a stylish appearance through and through.

Key words like feminine, graceful, preppy detailed and uncomplicated describe this style which is made for those who adore the extraordinary, who never want to give up on colors and colorful prints and yet have a passion for trendy basics. This mix ‘n’ match look made of simple and sophisticatedly accentuated pieces defines the typical Kling style.

Cute prints will definitely evoke a smile on the beholder’s face. For this very reason, the knitted sweater is adorned with swans while the wool skirt is covered with a checked pattern. Often, the prints and patterns will form incredibly color contrasts which provoke excitement and tension. Black and white are the most popular colors apart from grey. I personally found my highlight for the summer in 2015 – the waisted maxi dress in turquoise.

The diversity but also the specific design are reflected in the shoes and accessories collection. Hot strap pumps, ankle boots, booties with a chunky heel or plateau and more. Black leather, neon colors, leopard pattern, patent leather and many more stunning features will make put your feet in the center of any situation. Real treasures can be found in the accessories assortment. Cute, playful, childlike bags are the hit it seems. How about a plush handbag? Or a jute bag with monster print? Knee socks with heart print or necklaces with glass pendants filled with small figures on a bike or a park bench are absolutely lovingly designed.


Copyright and Source: http://www.kling.es