For the year 2015, the editorship at Readthetrieb is looking at the French fashion market. Just in time for the cold winter, a new French fashion brand caught our attention which specialized in bags and accessories impressing us with the nostalgic flair of the used materials. Fernande & Gilda are producing crocheted bags and connect traditional crocheting techniques with the contemporary chic of the here and now. The brand particularly succeeded in drawing us under its spell thanks to the delicacy of the designs which really is capable of make the heart of any fan of vintage designs leap for joy. One glance at the bags already gives away the intensive handicraft which is needed to bring these complex accessories to life.

Daphne Bembaron is the young, creative designer who is running this label. Her work is especially influenced by both her enchanting grandmas, incorporating the crocheting techniques her beloved muses used into her winter collection consisting of bags and pouches. Having initially workd as a stylist and jewelry designer, she has been working with makeup artist and knitting expert Coco for many years who taught her a multitude of techniques.

Indeed, her professionalism resulting from years of experience is reflected in her design. Fernande & Gilde tries to breathe life into its bags by incorporating different surface structures and reliefs into the design. At the same time, sustainability and the ecological aspect in general represent very crucial values of her ideology which influences many facets of her fashion. For producing her bags, Daphne only makes use of recycled cotton waste coming from manufactories in order to support eco-friendly fashion.

According to Daphne Bembaron, she implements her own visions and wishes in her unique designs. The shape and the size vary because of she makes use of different fabrics and materials which determine the unique characteristics of the single bags. Of course, Fernande & Gilda also makes sure to fulfill the individual wishes and requests of the customers, thus offering custom-made pieces.

The traditional handicraft of crocheting is here celebrated in its most beautiful shape and form. This brand demonstrates that crocheting and knitting are no longer hobbies which only grandma likes to do. Knit and crochet fashion can indeed be extremely fashionable and are particularly popular in the winter. At Fernande & Gilda, the cozy warmth of wool meets cute design.


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