There is barely a sneaker which caused so much turmoil like the GEL-LYTE III. Designers and leading sneaker stores collaborated with ASICS for this sneaker. On the base of extraordinary stories and other fascinating sources of inspiration, shoes were created which are celebrated worldwide with adventurous trips into the wilderness and camp outs due to their amazing quality concerning the materials, the harmonious choice of colors as well as the careful production.

Accordingly, ASICS will emphasize and stress the 25th anniversary of the GEL-LYTE III with 12 extraordinary coming collaborations. The beginning of this literal marathon of collaborations will be marked by the Japanese sneaker store MITA which has already carried out 5 projects focusing on the GEL-LYTE III since 2008. All collaborations were characterized by the use of unusual materials, which is now defining the new MITA style.

The model by MITA devoted to this anniversary will look back at the unique details of previous works and unites many of these special attributes just like the cushioned and quilted split tongue, the mesh panels with gummed grid and the asymmetric color design. In order to honor the company with which everything began, ONITSUKA TIGER, the predecessor of ASICS, the GEL-LYTE III will be designed with the colors white blue and red.  This color composition which is extremely typical of ONITSUKA TIGER and can therefore be called iconic runs through the history of the brand like a golden thread and is still considered a crucial component of new collections today.

What’s a Japanese sneaker without a special reference to Japanese culture and lifestyle? Since it’s common to take off your shoes inside a building, the heel cap is provided with a loop strap for taking off the shoe more easily. The inner sole shows grid lines very typical of MITA, which symbolize the geographical proximity to the neighboring zoo. Furthermore, the kanji letters which stand for “TOKYO CUSTOM MADE” were placed on the design.

Das Teaser-Video seht ihr hier:

The release of the ASICS X MITA GEL-LYTE III „TORICO”  (RRP: 150€) will take place on January 24th, 2015. The model is available in Germany at the following retailers:

AFEW, Düsseldorf
TGWO, Köln
SUPPA, Stuttgart

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