Jacket• Lisa Mann 
Shirt • Blank Etiquette  
Hats • BySju

Sju Smatanova is producing handmade hats with her brand By Sjiu, inspired by the lively streets of London. Since she received a vintage bowler hat from her beloved grandpa, she has been in love with this iconic type of hat which is now on the verge of conquering the fashion world once again. One reason for the bowler hat’s rising popularity could be the result of Sju’s life-changing decision to found her own brand specializing in the production of this legendary men’s classic. Since then she launched two collections – the London Basics and the London East Collection.

The London Basics Collection consists of seven wool hats which are inspired by the classical bowler hat if you take a look at the shape. The color palette is defined by dark orange, red, blue, green and brown shades apart from the classical black. But what makes this collection particularly charming is the London street names incorporated into the names of the hats. How about the model “King’s Road” in marine blue or Brick Lane in dark orange? Some models are even decorated with a ribbon and a removable feather.

While the London Basics Collection completely consists of plain-colored wool hats, the London East line is filled with two-colored felt models. The collection includes five hats which are all named after London boroughs and whose main body and brim are visually separated by a fancy leather ribbon. Looking at the hats, the variety and diversity really surprised and amazed us. Sju Smatanova indeed proves with her creations that the bowler hat is celebrating its comeback in the fashion world right now, decorating the head of countless urban fashion addicts all around the world.

In general, the assortment by By Sju will offer something for every taste. The modern and easygoing looks easily persuade anyone of the diversity of the bowler hat.






Photographer • Suzane Holtgrave
Model • Yosuke Kaneshiro Pearl Management
Stylist • Catharina Gerekos