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In her third men’s wear collection for her brand Blank Etiquette, the designer Tosca Wyss succeeded in capturing the vibes of modern metropolises all around the world. The looks appear as if they were heavily influenced by street styles and therefore embody the young side of fashion. Looking at the cuts, you can say that the collection is more than just intriguingly designed. Asymmetric structures, incisions and even plissés can be discovered here. The extremely filigree pleats are a component which you can indeed seldom see in a men’s collection. In conclusion, they are considered a rather feminine feature. Concerning the color palette, you can observe that the creations are dominated by black and white. However, the designer also incorporated some colorful prints into the collections which simply pop with color.

The urban appearance is particularly visible in a sporty ensemble made of a black and white sweater with leather panels and a pair of turquoise shiny basketball shorts. In order to give it a finishing touch, the outfit was furthermore provided with colorfully patterned socks which were worn with white sandals. A look made of a colorfully patterned bomber jacket, a long black shirt, which was cut asymmetrically and consists of several layers, and a loose, white pair of pants combines sporty, urban elements with avant-garde street wear. Two additional street wear looks are as well defined by a futurist touch.

Browsing through the look book, we could discern even more extravagant styles which are heavily inspired by hip hop culture. Indeed, the sporty, cool look definitely will therefore definitely appeal to all the youngsters out there who consider themselves belonging to a particular subculture. Since we were more than flashed and fascinated by the latest collection by Blank Etiquette, we can really look forward to what Tosca Wyss has in store for us in her next collection!



Photographer  Filine Fink
Model, Justice
Make-up, Florian Ferino


Photographer • Joseph Hirsch
Model • Yosuke Kaneshiro
Stylist • Catharina Gerekos