Jewelry designer Katja Engel has been amazed by jewelry designing ever since she was a little girl. No wonder if you take in the fact that she’s the offspring of a jewelry designing family. Although she started off as clothing designer, she later on, in 2002, decided to take on the family’s tradition and became a credited, brilliant and talented creator of beautiful jewelries.

Every single year Katja Engel is showing us that she spends a lot of time with the basics of the jewelry business. She also creates specialized collection. They all have one major attribute in common: the incredibly high quality of each piece.

For this winter, Katja created beautiful jewelry out of leather and metal. In this connection black or grey leather mainly comes together with gold and silver. Pearls made out of stone complete the whole line, which mainly focuses on bracelets.

Simple but smooth designs and soft curves characterize the exclusive jewelry design. Although bracelets are in the center of attention here, you may spot matching necklaces here and there. As for the design, it’s neither timid nor brash. It’s more on the harmonic side, very gentle and sincere. Sometimes however, an exciting and more extravagant piece can be discovered, like the leather band with a metal snakes skull. Even the leather gets dyed from time to time to create a special effect for the customer.

The jewelry line with the outstanding romantic “angel” pendant was presented during the Panorama Fair in Berlin!

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