Street wear is sometimes sporty, sometimes wild, rocking and elegant. The street wear of the Danish house Humör is defined by its own very distinct style. It is marked by a look which undergoes progress and is developed further each season. The brand was founded in the year 2007 and has since then conquering the fashion world with its intriguing designs. For the year 2015, the label paid Berlin a visit. There, Humör presented an individual look for the cosmopolitan modern man at the Panorama Messe.

Contemporary, modern, sporty and urban – with these terms you can describe the style of this brand best. Just take a look at the spring collection which turned out pretty wild and fierce! Maxi logo prints and dark color blocking provide the designs with an exciting character. Hip hop elements can be discovered here in the form of baggy pants, college jackets and sweatshirts which serve as the most crucial pieces for the summer.

The look is unique because the colorful contrasts and the sporty cuts give it a sophisticatedly laid-back appearance. Here, you can find a rad outfit for every day which can express your easygoing personality. Coolness? Check. Nonchalance? Check. Comfort? Double check! Two-colored design and discreet patterns give this look a finishing touch. You just gotta love this brand….

Copyright and Source: http://www.humoer.dk