Many people hate it, in particularly young, hip and alternative parts of Berlin, this piece of clothing is even very frowned upon. But I personally am in love with this personification of glamour and classiness: the fur. Whether real fur or not, the choice is up to you. But nobody can deny the fact that fur is absolutely en vogue right now, which was clearly visible at the Panorama Exhibitions for instance. Everywhere, you could see fur everywhere. In cute rose like Broadway NYC Fashion, noble white like Shikha London, inspired by the 70ies like  Md’M or defined by an electrifying ombré look like the designs by  Soyaconcept , fur is simply everywhere, be it a fur vest or a coat with 7/8 sleeves.

Just think about the endless possibilities to combine the fur vests and jackets. Of course you wear it like ordinary jackets made of cotton. However, the outfit worn with a fur coat will simply transform your whole look, elevating it and giving it something sublime. If you consider real fur a bit too old-fashioned and if you are just too much of an animal lover, there is a multitude of brands offering faux fur which looks anything but faux.

Image Source: Readthetrieb