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The new collection of the brand J’ai mal à la tête promises a beautiful spring and summer season in 2015. The Munich label which is run by the designer Anja Pawlik presents itself as a symbiosis of photographers, designers, stylists, video artists and fashion stores like the Ruby Store in Munich. The style of the brand is marked by timeless, yet artistically designed, slightly avant-garde street wear with distinct design. The brand does not hesitate to create men’s fashion within which the borders between feminine and masculine are blurred, however without becoming completely unisex. The designs of this brand are emphasizing the role of fashion as a medium to present one’s identity and are furthermore questioning fashion as a mean of distinction between gender roles. Always surrounded by a discreet, slightly mystically appearing atmosphere, J’ai mal à la tête presents fashion in soft pastel shades. A men’s collection which is marked by an easygoing flexibility and chic classiness is the result.

As soon as the first rays of sun break through the dark layers of clouds, men who know what they want will be able to show this with the help of this brand, just in time for the beginning of spring. Slightly dreamily but still self-confidently, they take a pull on a cigarette or enjoy pink-colored strawberry ice cream, while leaning against walls in the middle of an urban scenery. This brand is worn by the type of man who is dancing to his music although surrounded by strangers, wearing his classy headphones which he chose according to his style. It appeals to the type of man who is napping in his garden in the afternoon, drawing his power from calm and serenity. J’ai mal à la tête has designed a collection which impresses with accentuated plainness and simplicity. In unobtrusive blue and grey shades as well as black and white, the brand presents buttoned up but loosely fit shirts which are embellished with easy-going striped designs. Sweat shirts as well as light cardigans for windy nights in May can be discovered here in a classical and preppy or a sporty and more casual style. One highlight is definitely the rather short Bermudas whose breezy, finely perforated fabric embraces the legs softly in bright white. To cap off the whole collection, a selection of stylish flex caps in plain colors and patterns was added to provide you with the perfect look for particularly sunny days.

The collection offers you enough space for moving freely, for experiencing adventures. Yet, dressed in J’ai mal à la tête and enjoying strawberry ice cream in a sunbed in your garden does not sound bad either…

– Anissa


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Photographer • Joseph Hirsch
Model • Yosuke Kaneshiro
Stylist • Catharina Gerekos