A man so exciting, seductive, elegant, mysterious, intelligent and sensitive that he could allure you in an instant. He is a poet, an inventor and a bon viveur, he is the man Riccardo Cavaletti’s  fashion is dedicated to. Adventurous, characterized by rough edges and always aware of his strengths and weaknesses – this man is indeed is someone you can look up to. The collection for the winter 2014/2015 shows beautiful minimalist structures, which showcase a deep connection with nature.

Colors, shapes and materials testify the laid-back character of the collection, which often emphasizes the own easygoing and down-to-earth nature of the wearer. All these attributes are fashioned to harmonize with nature. The colors but also the flowing, organic lines tell the story of an urban globetrotter. Riccardo Cavaletti produces clothing for a man who places value on his appearance and who knows what he wants. The brand wants to appeal to a man who wants to distance himself from the crowd with his perception of the world, his articulation and looks.

A hippie touch is of course incorporated into this fashion which you can observe in the form of a pair of Aladin pants or a sweater with a mottled structure. Individual extravagance achieved with a braided seam or a sewn-on pocket on the denim shirt for instance, describes the fashion by Riccardo Cavaletti best. This talented designer also offers accessories including a pearl necklace or leather bags which support the chic nonchalance of his clothing line. Rough, masculine, graced with a Bohemian touch – the concept of this brand is indeed very impressive.

Are you interested or even fascinated? Then head to Berlin! There, Riccardo Cavaletti will be present starting from January 19th at the Panorama Messe in order to leave the urban man in awe.

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