Fueled by the constant striving for outstanding quality, Beate Heymann creates clear lines for women who want to stand out in terms of fashion and turn their back from the mainstream fashion circus. Short-lived trends will be something Beate Heymann will never bow to because, here, everything revolves around timeless elegance. The fashionable assortment includes iconic key pieces of the women’s world every self-confident fashion lover needs in her wardrobe. The fashion by Beate Heymann appeals to those who don’t agree to adventurous experiments but focus on the implementation of their individual style.

With the help of real classics in connection with refreshing innovations and novelties, women who want to express their personality with their looks can easily reach this goal. The summer collection 2015 is a beautiful example of Beate Heymann’s play with clear lines. Here, pure colors are paired with noble cuts and turned into summery highlights. Daringly women can rediscover the fashion of the hippie era which Beate has interpreted in a very casual and chic way however. In order to give her fashion the necessary magic she embellished her designs with beautiful, large prints.

In general, Beate Heymann’s style can be considered modern and feminine, focused on the things the women’s world really needs, whilst always staying fashionable and yet timeless. The summer collection presents a look defined by the here and now and yet refined by the fashion of the past. The result is a clothing line which will spice up your everyday life. The outfits range from timid to loud, cheeky and even crazy. Nonetheless, they never seem to lose their typical character.

Due to these individual attributes, Beate Heymann is participating in the Panorama Messe Berlin –  where other great international fashion brands come together to leave the visitors of the Berlin Fashion Week in awe.

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